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THE VIELD is luxurious and exclusive. Not in a Kanye West kind of way but in terms of space, focus and food. You rent THE VIELD as a complete package. It’s just you and your team in our unique location combining family atmosphere and design, efficiency and high standard workshop equipment – in an all inclusive deal. No booking conference rooms, pre-organizing beamers, bringing post-its etc. THE VIELD is yours with everything it’s got to offer.

Beneath you will find our prices. If you share your contacts with us, we’d be happy to send you a quote request form to check your budget and availabilities.


We charge by daytime hour, between 8am and 8pm. An hour rent with us includes all our equipment and the entire space – meaning 600 sqm, plus outside spaces, workshop material, whiteboards, beamer, digital witheboards and so much more. A final cleaning is also included.


  • Location 110,00€
  • Cleaning Fee 0,00€
  • Day Drinks p.p. and hr 1,10€
  • Day Snacks p.p. and hr 0,90€


Please find the details of our accommodation under “Location” on this website. The rates for accommodation include non alcoholic drinks, snacks and the entire location between 8pm and 8am.


  • Beds (per guest and night) 70,00€
  • Cleaning Fee 0,00€


Our food is prepared for you by your own private chef. We concentrate on healthy, freshly made dishes, accommodating your different preferences and allergies, so everyone can enjoy it. We try to source as much as we can locally and organically, stay in season and use freshly picked veggies and fruits from the garden. Barbecue is possible. A simple (cold) meal means soup or salad with bread and spreads. We also offer beer, wine and sundowners.


  • Breakfast 15,00€
  • Lunch Warm 26,00€
  • Lunch Simple (cold) 16,00€
  • Dinner warm 28,00€
  • Dinner Simple (cold) 16,00€
  • Cake Break 3,00€

“Change will cost you a lot. No change will cost you everything”