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Out Of The Box Into THE VIELD

Hi there, you’ve probably found us googling something like „Team Offsite Space“ or „Team Retreat“ That’s great. Google does work.

Were you expecting to find a hotel with nuts in the minibar, a useless shower cap, a conference room to chew over your innovation strategy huddled around a heavy table until your slot runs out? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint.

THE VIELD is not a hotel. We are though, what you’ve secretly been waiting, if not longing for.

So what is THE VIELD then?

THE VIELD is all yours – 600 sqm of work- and living space all to yourself for the time of your stay.

The equipment, the space, and the surroundings – all included. Your time here is spent on your own terms in a space designed for the needs of a modern team.

Yes, your parents taught you the value of sharing but unlike your favorite shovel on the playground, you don’t have to hand anything over to the neighbor’s kid.

Best of all. You will have your own chef to prepare your meals for you, plus great coffee and snacks. We don’t want to brag but her cooking has been labeled „gault millau class“ by Bussiness Punk.

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Unser Geheimrezept


Location, Location, Location

THE VIELD liegt etwa 40 Minuten außerhalb Berlins, abseits der Autobahn nach Hamburg. Wir befinden uns in einer einem kleinen Dorf namens Vielitzsee (daher der Name), der sehr versteckt an einem See liegt. Die Entscheidung, einen Ort eine Stunde außerhalb der Stadt zu wählen, war nicht (nur) der offensichtlichen Vorzüge der Landschaft geschuldet. Wir wollen, dass ihr eine Reise macht, eine Reise, weg von eurem Alltag, euren festen Strukturen und euren Gewohnheitszonen. Trotzdem gibt es natürlich auch Highspeed-Internet und eine Zugverbindung nach Berlin in der Nähe. Wir sind nicht von dieser Welt, aber wir sind sehr mit ihr verbunden.


Space, Space, Space

Wir haben eine Scheune in den idealen Offsite-Raum umgewandelt, der den Spagat zwischen modernen Bedürfnissen und alten Strukturen schafft – der perfekte Rahmen für euer Team- Offsite.
Unser Raum und unsere Ausstattung sind auf die Bedürfnisse eines workshop-orientierten Teamtages abgestimmt: Whiteboards, Moderationsmaterial, Beamer, digitale Whiteboards, Prototyping-Material usw.


Room, Room, Room

We’re situated in the beautiful countryside of Ostprignitz-Ruppin, right by a lake (in fact, there are another 18 lakes within a radius of 15 km), surrounded by woods and fields (*wink, wink). Make room for a walk, meditation, taking a dip in the lake, or just breathing in the fresh smell of grazing galloways down the cobblestoned path.

The outside areas of THE VIELD itself offer retreat- and workspace in the midst of a blooming, somewhat organized wilderness. Find room in the shades, in the sun, by the fire, and under a star-flooded sky.

“We interrupt this program to annoy you and make things generally more irritating.”

Monthy Python

The Deal

Form Follows User

„A space for teams to step outside their box, not fall back into toxic habits, push the pause button and focus – not just on the future but on the present“ This was our goal. So we did research, tested, and iterated our plans to fit our respective users. You!

We’re not catering to what people want but offer an environment modern teamwork needs by making conscious design decisions, eliminating distractions and gadgety nonsense (believe us, resisting some is harder than you think).

We base our constant iteration and learning process on data, research, and feedback, trying to be flexible but never random and keeping our minds open.

Trust us and try doing the same.

Let Us
Entertain You!

You have to evolve, be innovative, lean and

whatever else your investors, bosses or the zeitgeist expects you to?

No worries, we got you covered!


Disruption à la Carte

Imagine a full-body workup. It hurts, it’s embarrassing, feels a bit funky and in the end, you’re super relieved you did it: now, this is basically what we do for your Company at our special VIELD Treatment.

Our own method is based on a mix of Cultural Analytics, Story Development, Schema Therapy (Psychology) as well as a good dose of Common Sense.

We focus on Radical Acceptance, Aware Communication, Systemic Realism, and Empowered Actionability.

This is, we admit, a maybe compelling but also quite b.s. assembly of buzzwords (some of which we made up). BUT if you talk to us – it does boil down to a pretty cool and useful passing of your time.

Events & Angebote

Much More Than Just a Pretty Face



We do Fireside Chats, Talks, and whatever else we might come up with. If you want to get your mind blown while eating great food, meeting others all the while listening to the bees hum or the fire crackle in the fireplace – well this is as good as it gets. You’re too busy? Well that is part of the problem and all the more reason to come.



Creating Experiences, Learning Journeys, Boutique Conferences, Workshops to get you off your chairs, out of your box, and into a participatory format is our kind of gentle torture.

Learn new things, challenge yourself, create something and build new connections in every sense of the word.



If you’re a spontaneous team or like to be, then you might want to check out our last-minute offers for your very own VIELD- Trip. Nothing is for free in this world but if you’re ready to pack your toothbrush, kiss your loved ones goodbye and hop on whatever is the vehicle of your choice, you could be conducting the perfect team workshop for a very friendly price in a matter of days.

Test &

Show You What We’ve Got

To give you the best experience at THE VIELD, we have designed the Space as an Interactive Showroom. Most of the furniture and equipment are based on partnerships with great companies.

Some of the products you’ll be using at THE VIELD are not even on the market, yet. Others are designs we came up with ourselves based on our research and experiences.

Our Partners


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„We never did this before.

So it’s bound to be good“

Pippi Longstocking