If there is one thing we have learned so far, then it’s that the eggs you can expect from a chicken depend on the henhouse. And let’s be honest – it’s the eggs everyone’s after.

Together with our partner Malte Boll at Spannungsfelder we are creating our own designs of furniture and space equipment – human-centered and efficiency-driven.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our designs or us, creating your own space, office, tool, furniture etc. – get in touch!

„Employers are like horses —

they require management.“

P.G. Woodhouse

  • Consult & Concept

    Let’s meet and talk about what space can change for you and how we can change the space for you.

  • Design

    Once we’ve gotten a grasp of what you need, we’re eager to jump into the design phase, come up with ideas and have them come to life.

  • Construction

    Obviously we’ve got you covered and are able and willing to get our designs for you to production.

  • Workshop

    Assisted by us, you can actually create some of your own designs in a Team-Building – Workshop (that’s a pun), led and conducted by Malte.

Come in or stay where you are, it’s entirely up to you. I never force anyone!’

Pippi Longstocking