THE VIELD Is Your Castle

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  • The Style

    We wanted to make sure, that our architecture, the entire design not only makes sense for its purpose but also takes a careful approach to combining the old and the new. What you find here is a balance between a modern place of work and an old farm building. Wood and steel, bricks and concrete are walking the line of preservation and innovation.

  • The Workspace

    Let’s get down to business.

    In terms of workspace we have:

    1. A huge Workspace equipped with whiteboards, tables and stools by System 180, Vitra and Wilkhahn
    2. A creative corner equipped with drawing and crafting material
    3. Another workspace with whiteboards, tables, stools – a lot of which is our own design
    4. Several small breakout-Spaces.
  • The Equipment

    In terms of equipment we have:

    1. Fast internet (200 Mbts)
    2. A daylight beamer (we also have a screening area outside)
    3. Two digital whiteboards
    4. Around 20 regular whiteboards
    5. Soundsystem
    6. Microphones
    7. Two webcams
    8. Plenty of markers, post-its, pens, dots, cards, paper etc.
    9. Lego, Playdough and crafting materials for prototyping
    10. Timers
    11. Bells and Gongs
    12. Floor Cushions
    13. Small whiteboards to carry around
    14. Chairs, stools, and tables
    15. Apple TV


  • The Accommodations

    This is where it gets interesting. We have accommodation for twenty people but can also provide up to 15 additional beds in town or even if you need it more luxurious, you can also stay in a very nice hotel nearby.

    For our accommodation at THE VIELD we focused our design on two things: Privacy and Simplicity

    All our sleeping arrangements are:

    1. Private single spaces so you can bring your favourite hideous sleeping gown with no one to judge you.
    2. Build with acoustic systems by Filzfabrik to keep you sleeping sound and silently.
    3. Fitted with super comfortable mattresses by Casper as well as high class bedding so you won’t miss your home-bed for a minute.
    4. Providing lighting for you to indulge in the latest Harry Potter novel late at night.
    5. equipped with electricity sockets to feed your phone.
    6. Providing storage facilities for your hip vintage clothing or chick ties.


    We have:

    One regular Single Bedroom and One regular Double Bedroom on the ground floor – including a bathroom (all wheelchair accessible)

    Ten single bed Tiny-Rooms where you shut out the rest of the world (and team) and sleep towards another efficient team day.

    Four single bed Japanese- Pavillions – find rest in your very own, private and spacious pavillion -Indoor – Glamp – Tent

    Three single bed, Roof Coves – A special treat, two meters above the ground, sheltered from the rest if the world, you’ll sleep even closer to the sky. Only for the ones without a vertigo problem, though…



    We have seven private bathrooms in total plus another 3 separate toilets.

  • The Food

    When you work hard, you need to eat – not just anything but easy to digest, yummy, and nourishing dishes. You will get your very own chef to serve you freshly prepared delicious treats mainly from the area (if not from our own garden) with a focus on organic and seasonable produce. Vegan, gluten-free, or whatnot – we got you covered.

    The brand-new kitchen by rational Küchen equipped with high-end machines by V-Zug also provides you with the finest coffee and can be used for self-cooking or cooking classes.

  • The Lake

    Vielitzsee lake is two minutes away on foot, just walk down the little cobblestone pathway and you’ll get to a beautifully maintained and huge meadow at a creek, sheep in the background, and the sand beneath your toes.

    Ps. There are around 18 lakes in our vicinity. Some are more shallow others deeper and thus clearer, some are big, some are small, some are very public others hidden gems. Just ask us and we’ll point you to whichever is good for you

  • The Woods

    Calm and soothing, with the birds chirping, the rustling leaves in the trees is what you’ll find in the woods just a few minute walk from our doorstep. Go for some wood-bathing and fill up these empty energy tanks.

  • The Fireplace Room

    Who doesn’t need some time to calm down, sit by the fire and just enjoy each other’s or no one’s company? The common room with the fireplace is 50 sqm big and as cozy as it gets. Come in and let go.

  • The Outside

    Chill in the grass surrounded by wild blooming flowers in the garden, work, eat or just be in our beautiful ruins or get together as a team in the arena. Whatever it is you are seeking to do outside, you will find the right place for it here.

„I say, when your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.“

Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes)


Can you
vield it?

“If you can see your path in front of you, you’re probably on someone else’s.“

Joseph Campbell