THE VIELD Is Your Castle

  • The Way It Works

    THE VIELD is always only ever rented out to one team at a time. That means, you will have everything to yourselves – all the space, the equipment, the material – it’s all yours around the clock and included in your price. Don’t worry about last minute schedule changes, adjustments to your team, other peoples needs and schedules or whatever else you think you should meticulously plan beforehand.

    You could arrive here with no plan whatsoever and just dive right in – we got it covered.

    Since you will get your very own chef to take care of your every need – you can even choose meal times just as flexible.



  • The Style

    We wanted to make sure that our architecture, the entire design not only makes sense for its purpose but also takes a careful approach to combining the old and the new. What you find here is a balance between a modern place of work and an old farm building. Wood and steel, bricks and concrete are walking the line of preservation and innovation.

  • The Equipment

    In terms of equipment we have all kinds of useful equipment and material including whiteboards, digital whiteboards, beamer, screens, post-it’s, sticky notes, time-timers, games… and so much more – all at your disposal and included in our price


  • The Accommodation

    We have several different accommodation options. In total we can host up to 35 people on site and many more in walking distance.

    We got  Single Rooms, Triple Rooms, Double Rooms, Single Cube-Rooms and even a Glamping Option. Some are with adjacent Bathrooms, others share one. Some are even completely separate from the main location in order to be fully inclusive to people with social anxieties. Depending on what you need, we are most probably able to manage – just talk to us.



  • The Food

    When you work hard, you need to eat – not just anything but easy to digest, yummy, and nourishing dishes. You will get your very own chef to serve you freshly prepared delicious treats mainly from the area (if not from our own garden) with a focus on organic and seasonable produce. Vegan, gluten-free, or whatnot – we got you covered.


  • The Coaching and Team Building

    You need a coach, consultant, teacher or a cool activity – we have loads of experience and offer tons of different professionals and ideas. We can even plan the whole thing for you. To really find the one thing that fits you, just get in contact and we’ll figure it out.

    By the way – all personelle booked through us will eat, sleep and travel without extra costs for you

  • The Inside

    We’ve got plenty of different spaces – some to calm down, some to work hard, some to break out and some to chill in front of the fireplace. THE VIELD is huge but at the same time it is cozy as well as functional. We’ve tested, researched, iterated the space to fit any size of team, to foster team spirit and to make efficient work possible.

  • The Outside

    Chill in the grass surrounded by wild blooming flowers in the garden, work, eat or just be in our beautiful ruin, or get together as a team in the arena. Whatever it is you are seeking to do outside, you will find the right place for it here.

    Just as on the inside we focused on creating different spaces for different needs.

    A swim in the lake, a tour on one of our paddle boards or a walk in the woods is also on the menue

  • The Pricing And Invoicing

    Since we always rent out to only one party we have a pretty straight forward pricing policy. We created the pricing in a way to keep it as flexible and transparent for you as possible. However, we know that some companies have to match this to their own system so we have no problem to adjust the invoicing and quoting to your requirements.



    • The location is charged by hours of the day – you rent the entire space, all the equipment and material by paying an hourly rate between 8 am and 8 pm – so the price does not depend on what you use but when you arrive and depart
    • Snacks & Drinks are charged by the hour and person – for a fee per Person and hour (only daytime hours) we provide you with as much excellent coffee, tea, self made drinks and snacks as you can possibly devour.
    • Accommodation is charged by number of nights and people staying the night – we have one price per individual never mind the room you are planning to occupy in THE VIELD.
    • Meals are charged by person and meal
    • Alcoholic beverages can either be charged by the bottle, by a flat fee or using an honesty register (everyone is paying themselves and the company only pays if there is a gap)
    • If you drop us a line under contact (no details needed) and request a quote sheet, we will send you a tool to insert your details (number of people, times, meals etc.). This tool will not only show you the specific fees but also the overall price.
    • After providing us with your details we can send you an official offer within a few hours.
    • Up to 2 weeks before your arrival you can still change the parameters of your booking without any extra fees. If you have last minute changes we often have no problem managing those as well.



    • Once you have booked with us, we will send you an invoice based on your offer, charging you 50% as a security right away and another 50% before arrival.
    • After your offsite we will send you a final invoice stating the amount payed as well as the actual price (which can change when you change your parameters)
    • Depending on the outcome we will either ask you to pay the difference or refund you with it within 10 days.

“I say, when your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.”

Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes)


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